About Us

KRIOS Technologies believes that if companies could truly leverage the wealth of knowledge that exists within them, they could unleash growth faster, more efficiently and without creating bottlenecks or dependencies. And that’s why the purpose of Krios is to help its customers Profit from Knowledge.

KRIOS is in the business of learning and knowledge management. What sets KRIOS apart is its thirst for knowledge. This is well demonstrated by our passionate search for a solution that mirrored an organization with all the myriad internal connections and dependencies. This led to the development of a solution, NephilaTM, that has no parallel in the Knowledge Management industry. NephilaTM is unique in the way it works to improve business performance by tracking the right metrics and inter-connections, and enables in institutionalizing the  learning.

KRIOS was established by industry veterans with expertise and experience in the use of information technology for business gain across various domains. Other than NephilaTM, KRIOS also has an online authoring and examination tool that helps companies streamline their learning and development efforts.

Among KRIOS’s customers are India’s leading mobile value added services company, IT and publishing companies.

KRIOS is headquartered in Chennai, India, and has an office in Mumbai.

The Idea Behind NephilaTM

Krios was formed because we were keen on building some great solutions for knowledge management. Our first product was Marksplus, a complete examination tool. But we wanted to build something more holistic that would encompass the entire organization.

We started exploring tools and solutions on Knowledge Management. We looked at the solutions available and came across data tools, meeting capture software, content and document management systems, and collaborative tools for the enterprise. But with every solution we looked at, we came away with the rankling thought that this was not true KM! That these solutions were just made to just fit the bill in some half-baked manner. BI tools, content management systems, BPM, Unified data access and performance management tools—all were competing as KM tools. This forced us to think harder.

On one of his train trips from Bangalore to Chennai, Raghu’s mind went into overdrive and he started texting us about an idea that had struck him. He said we needed to build a tool that could work like a spider.

A spider sits at the centre of its web, but is able to sense what’s at its periphery—a prey or a predator. So how does it do this? It has a method of information transfer through its web by which it is able to sense and respond. If it’s a prey, entice it; if it’s a predator, take evasive action.

Raghu was fascinated with the idea of real-time information transfer to the spider about the situation and the ability to convert that to knowledge. This became the key motivator for our new product. Raghu wondered what if business stakeholders could manage to do the same. “We sit at the centre of our processes and if we could sense and respond to market situations – opportunities or threats through a collaborative environment then we could do what the spider is doing,” he figured.

Thus emerged the idea of our path-breaking product. Like all expectant parents, we also decided to name the child even before we knew its gender. In our quest we landed at the name NephilaTM—the golden orb spider whose web is so strong that New Guinea fishermen use them as casting nets. What if could build an enterprise solution that is as strong as the web of NephilaTM?

Well, that’s just what we did.


Raghuram Krishnan – Director

RaghuRamRaghu is the co-founder and director of Krios, the Chennai based knowledge management and e-Learning company.

He has 20+ years experience in product development, development and implementation of insurance and financial services solutions. This experience is being used to understand and address market needs well, all the while creating products and processes with a constant learning and dynamism.

Raghu believes in the motto of sharing one’s knowledge to increase it – he serves as a guest faculty for both Academy Staff College of Madras University and Kerala University.

Currently pursuing his PhD. in Knowledge Management with a special focus on the impact of knowledge management on microfinance, Raghu is using his learning and experience to fuel both his academic and professional growth.

A symbiotic relationship between the two has resulted in Raghu’s developing a sense-and-response based knowledge framework that attempts to measure and drive organizational performance.

Raghu holds an M.S. (Systems and Information) degree from BITS, Pilani. He has also completed his post-graduate in Chemistry with a Masters degree in Management Studies from the same institution.

S. Srikanthan – Director

SrikanthanThe co-founder and director along with Raghu, Srikanthan comes to us with almost 30 years of experience in the software industry.

A true learner, Srikanthan started his career at Softek, going onto occupy different roles across other prestigious companies. Technical Product Manager, Solution Architect, System Architect and Head of Technology are some of the roles he has occupied and performed in brilliantly.

His last job at 3i Infotech, that lasted more than 10 years, saw him play a critical role in the evolution and design on PREMIA, one of the world leaders in core insurance solutions. He was also responsible for the conceptualization of Tahoe – a unified Java-based platform for all products that fall under the 3i Infotech banner.

Srikanthan is a multi faceted individual, who is not all work and no play! He is passionate about cricket and has played as a division player with the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. The passion and interest lives on, with Srikanthan following this sport across different leagues, divisions and levels.

Srikanthan holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Madras University.

A. Thillai Rajan – Director

Thillai RajanThillai Rajan has had an illustrious career in the IT industry. With 15 years experience in this field, he has spent more than 12 years of it in specializing in the insurance vertical.

An insurance industry veteran, Thillai Rajan has thorough knowledge of both P & C and Life insurance sectors. He used his experience well in the design, development, customization and delivery of PREMIA – one of the most comprehensive Insurance Management Systems in the world.

Oracle and Oracle development tools are an additional area of expertise for Thillai Rajan. Moreover, as an SEPG member, he has facilitated process definitions and improvments, besides conducting process trainings, and participating in CMM L4, CCMi L3 & L5 assessments.

All this knowledge is being put into good use in his position at Krios as the head of implementation and enhancements.

Thillai Rajan holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Madras University and is also an advanced diploma holder in Systems Management.

T N Prabhu – Director

PrabhuT N Prabhu has about 25 years experience in his specialization. But his continuous thirst for knowledge and working in new and challenging fields, has also led him to gather a multitude of skills.

Prabhu’s skill bouquet comprises multi-functional experience in sales, marketing and business development. He is a start-up specialist who helps companies conceptualize businesses, helping them right from strategizing to identifying and developing new business channels.

His expertise in online and VAS, and consulting with major media companies resulted in him in helping to start up Times Internet Ltd, Rediff.com, and The Walt Disney India Company. His expertise in this field also allowed him to help UTV Media start new mobile and VAS offerings, including utvautoplay and audio cinema on mobile.

Prabhu started his career with The Hindu, going onto work with International Data Corporation on assignments with AT&T, COMSAT, TCIL to name just a few. He them went onto handle several business and editorial functions at Cyber Media India Ltd.

Prabhu holds a Post-graduate degree in management from BITS, Pilani.


Malay Ghosh 

MalayGhoshMalay Ghosh comes on board with almost 30 years experience in the industry. A specialist in insurance and financial sectors, he brings in his immense experience of working and tasting success in changing operating environments and attaining critical size to Krios.

Malay helped set-up Reliance Life Insurance, including its strategic alliance with Nippon-Life Japan, in a move that is considered a benchmark in this sector today. A veteran of the insurance industry, he started his career with Life Insurance Corporation and went onto head the eastern zone and sales at Bajaj-Allianz.

A statistician by qualification, Malay has used his immense learning and experience over the years to help companies achieve success in the tough Indian working conditions.

At Krios, we count on Malay’s knowledge, experience, wisdom and immense foresight to help us steer to the company to greater heights!

Malay Ghosh holds a Masters of Statistics degree from Indian Institute of Statistics, Kolkata.

Sudarshan Narayan

Sudarshan NarayanSudarshan Narayan, joined the advisory board of KRIOS with the objective of providing strategic direction, branding and fund raising strength. He has been a entrepreneur since 2000- for the first three years running a web technology services firm and from 2004, a high end cross border Executive Search firm – Clark & Kent. He brings a wealth of worldwide contacts  with Corporate leaders, private equity & venture capital investors, and ultra HNIs. Besides Krios, he is on the advisory board of a renowned Hospital brand, a high end lifestyle e-commerce Company, an online design aggregator, and informally advise B2B services companies in branding, digital marketing and investment banking.

Sudarshan mentors all kinds of startups. Investment interest in startups with a simple idea that use technology / mobile to -
a. address an underserved market / consumer segment,
b. improve individual or corporate productivity or efficiency thereby making life easier for its customers.

He is now setting up a private Angel syndicate sponsoring tech accelerators, and a start up business centre.