Raghu is the co-founder and director of Krios, the Chennai based knowledge management and e-Learning company. He has 20+ years experience in product development, development and implementation of insurance and financial services solutions. This experience is being used to understand and address market needs well, all the while creating products and processes with a constant learning and dynamism. Raghu believes in the motto of sharing one’s knowledge to increase it – he serves as a guest faculty for both Academy Staff College of Madras University and Kerala University. Currently pursuing his PhD. in Knowledge Management with a special focus on the impact of knowledge management on microfinance, Raghu is using his learning and experience to fuel both his academic and professional growth. A symbiotic relationship between the two has resulted in Raghu’s developing a sense-and-response based knowledge framework that attempts to measure and drive organizational performance. Raghu holds an M.S. (Systems and Information) degree from BITS, Pilani. He has also completed his post-graduate in Chemistry with a Masters degree in Management Studies from the same institution.

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