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Mobile VAS: Efficiency and Integrity in Content Management

The Mobile Value Added Services (mVAS) industry in India is on a high-growth trajectory and expected to clock revenues of approximately Rs. 48,000 crore by the year 2015*. Mobile handsets and tablets continue to see explosive growth, while network bandwidths and usage improve. These are the key drivers for the high growth forecast of the mVAS industry.

However, high growth also brings with it tremendous challenges that are peculiar to the industry. The mobile VAS companies that are able to address these challenges from a holistic knowledge management perspective will be the key gainers in the industry. See how this can be achieved.

Performance IndicatorsChallenges

Data Integrity: Data integrity is a key challenge for mVAS companies, because there are many stakeholders in the operational network. These are telecom carriers, content aggregators, technology providers and content owners. All these companies have different styles for the reporting of their data.  It is very difficult to consolidate all the data in different formats from multiple sources to a single source. Nephila’s™ data consolidation layer has the ability to bring in multiple data formats from multiple sources at multiple stages onto a single layer for easier and centralised access by the end users. This feature helps companies prevent leakage of revenues due to missed billing, and have an accurate picture of their revenues and content usage across carriers, platforms, geographies and promotional schemes.

Mismatch of metadata: Another big challenge is the mismatch of metadata, the information related to the data. Disparate functioning across departments means that having multiple sets of metadata is the industry norm. It’s not uncommon to have several metadata for the same content across carriers and platforms. This makes it difficult to track the revenue earned by a particular offering. To extract meaningful insights from the data and use that for promotions then becomes impractical.

Often, mVAS companies end up wasting substantial amounts of time and resources in manual correction of this mismatch. Nephila’s™ ability to match the diverse set of data to a single master data and bring out the anomalies for the steward to correct, saves companies many thousands of dollars in costs.

Duplication of learning curve: mVAS is a young industry with high growth rate and high attrition. As people switch jobs and leave, knowledge leaves too. This leads to repetitions in learning for different functions, often from scratch, and results in loss of time and resources. This can be handled only if companies can track, collate and institutionalize individual knowledge.

Nephila’s™ conversation panel enables direct and contextual conversation with team members and other interdependent process owners within and outside the organisation to tap into insights instantaneously. Thus, no tie is lost in identifying solutions as a team across the organisation and decisions are not delayed. Secondly, when teams converse with each other the data is stored and tagged for easy retrieval, which means knowledge is stored and retrieved in a contextual manner. Since anyone can retrieve the conversations using a faceted search, knowledge stays within the company.


Nephila™ reaches out to every single node of your company’s operational framework, spanning different departments, business processes and people. It sits like a web over the entire operational framework of your company, and enables the collective experience to deliver actionable knowledge.

Nephila™ covers 14 processes of the mVAS industry apart from finance and HR: pre sales, product development, project management, promotions, billing, reconciliation, royalty reporting. Nephila™ provides over 60 metrics and 50 reports across these 14 processes. This means that an mVAS company can track the performance of its various processes using key metrics and the reports generated. Click here to catch a demo of how Nephila™ enables this.

Business Benefits

Nephila™ helps companies to:

  • Substantially reduce metadata mismatch. Once the right metadata is entered into the system, Nephila™ alerts about mismatches that crop up in future.
  • Automate processes by reducing data inconsistency challenges.
  • Decide on the corrective action in case of data inconsistency, and execute faster.
  • Prevent leakage of revenues due to missed billing; have an accurate picture of their revenues and content usage across carriers, platforms, geographies and promotional schemes.
  • Cuts down on learning and training time: Nephila™ turns implicit knowledge into explicit business insights and enables the right people in the organization to have access to relevant knowledge.
  • Get actionable insights instantly: Nephila™ enables collaborative decision making process in which all the stakeholders take part. The conversations are tracked and made available to the stakeholders. The participation of team members leads to pooling of insights, and decisions on the action to be taken further.

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* According to ASSOCHAM Financial Pulse Study – Emerging Landscape in Mobile VAS Industry, June 2010