Practical application mVAS

Knowledge Management: Driver of Future Growth for mVAS

Consider a typical mid-size mobile value added services company of today. It would have over 50, as many as 5-7 platforms, and over 75 content and platform partners. What does this translate into?

  • As many as 50 different formats of data
  • Project costs overrun to excess of 200% of the projected cost
  • Over 3 million content pieces acquired with less than 5% being monetized

The operational structure for an mVAS company goes beyond its boundaries, and involves multiple stake holders such as telecom carriers, content aggregators, technology providers and content owners. Since each company has its own way of working, there in no one way of doing things. mVAS companies need a data-centric knowledge management system to move away from the chaotic operational structure to an organized work culture. The three key knowledge management requirements that truly enable an mVAS company are:

  • Data consolidation across the systems that operate in silos
  • Meta data management for content trends and monetization
  • Collaborative functions for breaking down silos and sharing information and lessons

In the table below, we have mapped the mVAS business issues to the practical applications of knowledge management.

Features of Nephila™→ Data consolidation across systems that operate in silos Meta data management for content trends and monetization Collaborative functions for breaking down silos and sharing information and lessons
Issues Addressed↓
Silo-ed operations across content providers, platform partners, products and platforms
No tracking of sales process
Over 50 different formats of data
No overall business view
Revenue leakages due to improper and delayed billing
Product launches delayed by more than 8 months
Cost variances in projects running into excess of 200% per project
Millions of content pieces acquired with less than 5% being monetized
Content performance being measured in silos
No sharing of trends between processes and businesses.
Royalty reporting  lead times exceed 3 months

Defining processes Krios Technologies’ knowledge management solution Nephila™ connects the business processes that traditionally function in silos. Nephila™:

  • Defines metrics: This brings transparency to the performance across the organization
  • Consolidates data at a single layer: End users can access all the data at one place
  • Enables employees across the organization to get access to relevant information
  • Establishes collaboration across processes. Decision making is collaborative and conversational, and relevant results get shared to those who need them
  • Tracks and tags all conversation contextually. People don’t have to go through the same learning curve, and can access information contextually

Nephila™ is a layer implemented above the operational framework and integrates with existing subsystems—transactional, promotional, ERP, HR, cataloguing, systems, project management tools, CRM and customer support—and extract data. This creates a single window of interaction for everyone. Benefits of knowledge management Nephila™ checks duplication of processes, efforts and resource allocation. This helps arrest revenue leakage from day one and saves thousands of dollars.

  • Single window for performance management offering overall business view
  • Solution to issues drawn in minutes due to collaborative tools
  • Multiple ‘Go to Experts’ identified – this puts knowledge in the driving seat of business strategy
  • Content download trends shared across regions and businesses proactively
  • No activity is silo-ed: Learning and mistakes are shared across processes in organizations

Build a knowledge driven organization These changes streamline the organization, and business leaders can focus on long term business strategy, as:

  • All activities are tracked, and brings in a sense of responsibility across organization
  • No activity goes untapped – this brings in a sense of achievement across the organization, as every single activity leads to some measureable gain for organization
  • Employee satisfaction increases as involvement is explicit
  • Continuous monitoring helps unleash the real possibility behind all interactions and ideas
  • Decision making becomes faster as decision makers have access to all the needed information and inputs real time.
  • Knowledge becomes a part of strategy, and better places the company to adapt to the changing market realities faster

The way ahead is to involve the eco system in the transformation process. Transform your organization from a chaotic system to a knowledge enabled system. Call Krios at +91-22-40107739 or write to us at