Sunny Virmani – Vice president Hungama Mobile

Nephila™ is an excellent tool for the following reasons. First and foremost, it is centered on the concept of the interrelationships that exist amongst the various internal and external factors that impact business. From the get go, its focus is on bringing identification, order and metrics to the vast set of factors that make up and lead to the success, or weakness, of your business.

In the process, it forces your organization to take a good, hard look at itself, its people, its data, its processes, its methodologies, its clients and its entire value chain. That introspection and that level of in-depth analysis is in of itself an excellent starting point for identifying what is working and what is not working at your organization. Further, it forces you to question your assumptions and better understand the universe that is your organization and your business.

Once implemented, the system is a tremendous tool for understanding volumes of information and complex information in a simple and graphical way. Where there are questions, the answers are found within a few clicks. Click on “Revenues” to find out why certain revenues are above targets or below targets, then see the factors that make up those revenues and click on those and continue the process until you reach the level of granularity that explains the true cause of that success or that failure.

Navigating the program is extremely simple and the Nephila™ team is quick to enact any improvements or changes that enhance the customer experience. From start to finish, and on and ongoing basis, the Nephila™ solution is customized to your organization and to you.

Reports are manifold and also informative. Each report is carefully thought through and created through the process that you will undergo with the consultants who are implementing your solution by understanding your business.

And the Nephila™ team is exactly part of the success story. Their inquisitive nature, their high level of intellect, their focus on you as their client and their willingness to help you in any and every way is a real part of the success of the Nephila™ solution.

Sunny Virmani
Vice president – International
Hungama Mobile