Streamline knowledge development

All organizations face increasingly complex situations today. Business organizations need employees who can solve increasingly complex business situations while educational institutions need to build capacity, bring down costs and make the learning process more student-centric. Organizations now need to have continuous knowledge development strategy that is enabled by a scalable platform along with the right support systems.

Marksplus™ is an authoring and online exam system tool that helps organizations in their knowledge transfer and sharing strategy. A secure, robust and easily scalable tool, Marksplus™ is meant for both educational institutions and other enterprises. Marksplus™ offers transparent and reliable assessment and feedback that helps organizations motivate their learners to truly engage with the knowledge.

How does Marksplus™ work?

Educational institutes use Marksplus™ as a platform to provide a quick informative assessment to students. There is a wide range of topics available to empower and enrich student knowledge and assess their skills.

Other organizations use Marksplus’™ test authoring and online exam system to author, administer and schedule participants for tests for many critical functions. These include recruitment, certifications, internal assessments, compliance training, process training and others.

Marksplus™ has five modules: Authoring, Assessment, Schedule, Delivery and Reports.

AuthoringSome of the features of Marksplus™ are listed here.

  • Lets examination providers to create 16 different types of questions to suit various testing objectives. It has powerful tagging features like Bloom’s levels, topics, difficulty levels, etc which help is easy search and retrieval.
  • Lets you create assessments, either automatically using randomization techniques with multiple tags that can be associated with questions or manually allowing examination providers to extend the use of this tool to suit any testing objective.
  • Supports both formative and summative assessments with an in-built ability for optional and conditional activation of feedback, limiting number of attempts, etc.
  • Enables users to create assessments for delivery on a date and time of choice and restrict access from a particular IP address.
  • Allows participants to navigate freely within the assessments and focus on areas that need specific review or attention. Options like flagging for review and a live indicator of answered and unanswered questions are helpful for the purpose.
  • A user can generate several standard reports that provide the required information to multiple stake holder of the assessment. These include analysis on individual performance, group performance, questions analysis etc.
  • Provides intuitive interfaces for authors, administrators and participants and highly configurable to suit needs.


  • The availability of powerful tagging tools makes search and retrieval of information about participants, results and progress of assessments from the central repository gets easy.
  • Allows top management to monitor the performance of faculty in educational institutions, and training initiatives in business organizations.
  • Saves cost and time for conducting exams.
  • Marksplus™ is a support for green initiatives and reduces carbon footprint as no paper usage is involved.
  • Enables students to increase the competency on a particular test and have better knowledge retention leading to improved learning.
  • Uncover critical training needs of employees.
  • Enables teachers to monitor the students’ performance by analyzing assessment reports and can efficiently save a lot of time.
  • Questions can be reused and assessments can be created for the regular offline test environment. This increases productivity of the training initiatives.