CIO Services

A lot of IT investment has happened in several companies; and still goes on. To what end? To hit new toplines, to improve bottomlines, to collaborate and innovate, to grow—the reasons are many.

But the day is already here, when the CIO is being asked: What did these investments do to ensure that our organization grows its knowledge base, and not lose its momentum when attrition rates climb even by a percentage point?

People are replaceable in business, one may say. But is knowledge? What tools and systems were put in place to ensure that whatever a person learns in the organization also becomes part of the organization’s own knowledge? And if we don’t know how to hold on to and build our knowledge for the business, are we not really wasting IT investments?

Thankfully for the CIOs, there is an easy answer: CIO Services from Krios Technologies.

What we do

IT Assessment: Krios spends time understanding your business to figure out existing and future roadmap of the company. We also study the various IT systems and tools you have invested in, and how the various business processes use them. These exhaustive explorations help us to analyze the true IT requirements from the viewpoint of a learning organization. Under IT Assessment, Krios handles

  • Tools evaluation
  • IT needs analysis

Solution Selection: Based on the IT assessment, Krios works out a plan for you to be able to select the right IT solution that will help you achieve the business objectives. We will prepare the Request for Proposal document with the specifications that are required by the business. Once the proposals have been submitted, we will then help you evaluate the vendors.

  • RFP preparation
  • Vendor evaluation

IT Strategy Execution: Krios helps companies embark on the critical execution aspect of the strategy as well. We help you with the business process management and the tweaks that might be needed. We also handle the process tool implementation.

  • Business process management
  • Process tools implementation

CIO Dashboards: Krios builds the IT systems with a view to track the key performance metrics so that CIOs are always clued into how the systems are delivering as per the business objectives. We enable this through

  • MIS and Reporting
  • Business Performance Indicators

Business Benefits

  • Instead of getting bogged down by what solutions to deploy, get easy access to a wealth of knowledge about how true knowledge management must happen in your business.
  • Take the right decisions for the IT roadmap based on business growth needs, not technology hype, vendor pressure or fear of obsolescence.
  • In the long term, create a knowledge-driven organization that is able to quickly respond to a challenge or an opportunity

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